B O W L S  C L U B


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Bowls - an exciting and rewarding sport!


Playing bowls enhances hand/eye co-ordination, concentration,  and a two-hour game is great way to stay fit and healthy.


At Bryanston Sports Club (BSC), bowls can be both competitive and fun. Many of South Africa’s top international, provincial and district bowlers have chosen BSC as their club (Prince Neluonde and Gerry Baker). What's more, BSC boasts two grade-A bowling greens; an extremely attractive environment; and a very hospitable clubhouse, making it a wonderful place to play and meet new friends.

There are various levels of bowls on offer. Weekends and mid-week, men and women compete in fun, social bowls matches.


Serious bowling incudes league team matches and inter-provincial tournaments that could possibly lead to International selection.


A mentorship programme has been created to assist prospective talent to the top of their game.


New members are guaranteed all the guidance and coaching they need to ensure bowls becomes their sport of choice.

Did you know...?

...in Australia, bowls is one of the country’s fastest growing sports for young adults.

It fits in perfectly with a modern lifestyle: an outdoors sport, requiring skill, concentration and a competitive mindset.

Come try it, you'll love it!