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Bryanston Sports Club: A Legacy of Sport, Community and Growth.  


For over half a century, Bryanston Sports Club has stood as a pillar of the local community, enriching the lives of thousands of residents from Johannesburg's northern suburbs and beyond.  


Nestled in the heart of this vibrant city, our club has seamlessly blended a well-maintained sports infrastructure with beloved social and recreational facilities, all set against a backdrop of lush indigenous flora and a symphony of diverse bird species - symbolized by our very own hoopoe-adorned logo. 


In recent years, the Club has seen a remarkable surge in membership across its three sports sections: Bowls, Squash, and Tennis and as we continue to build on our Legacy, the club, in conjunction with the Social Section, now attracts over 5,000 members and visitors each month.  


Our community is as diverse as the sports we offer; here, individuals of all ages and backgrounds come together to enjoy the warm hospitality and lively camaraderie that defines the Bryanston Sports Club experience.  


Excitingly, we are gearing up for a new addition to our offerings - the eagerly awaited Padel section.  


This dynamic addition will feature five courts, including three Super Panoramic Courts. 


Furthermore, we are adding a second bar/restaurant and a delightful pizza and coffee shop to enhance your leisure time at the Club.  


The Club is continuously evolving, with regular alterations aimed at enhancing the Members' experience at the Club, whilst retaining the Club’s Traditions and Heritage.  


We are not just a sports venue; we are a hub for building lasting friendships, fostering healthy competition and creating cherished memories.  


Join us in celebrating our Legacy and looking forward to an even brighter future filled with sportsmanship, community and fun.  


Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we embark on this exciting new chapter in our Club's history.  


Your journey to sports, leisure, and social connection begins here at Bryanston Sports Club. 


Our Club is committed to inclusivity and we are proud to announce that our venue is fully wheelchair-friendly, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our events without any accessibility barriers. 


Fostering Growth and Sustainability : A Closer Look at Our Development and Sponsorship Programs. 




At Bryanston Sports Club, we have always believed in the power of nurturing talent and investing in the future.  


Central to our growth and sustainability strategy are our robust Development and Sponsorship Programs.  


These initiatives have not only strengthened our Community bonds but have also played a pivotal role in shaping the lives of countless youngsters from the immediate Bryanston area and its surrounding formal and informal neighbourhoods.  


Our programs are not just about sports; they are about empowering youngsters, fostering family togetherness and nurturing the values that will shape a stronger, more vibrant community.  


Join us in this exciting journey and together, we can create a Legacy that will stand the test of time. 


Our Commitment to Youth Development.


In our unwavering Commitment to Youth Development, we have allocated significant resources towards uplifting, coaching and supporting young talents.  


The impact of our efforts is best exemplified through our Development Program, which, in 2019 (prior to the pandemic), reached out to a staggering 18 different schools, institutions, and facilities. 


These initiatives benefited at least 1,400 youngsters, spanning the ages of four to 18.  


We take immense pride in the fact that many of these boys and girls have not only honed their skills but have also ascended to compete at high levels in their respective sports. 



A Vision for the Future. 


As we look ahead, one of the Core Objectives outlined by the 2023/24 Main Committee is to grow our younger Membership base.  


This vision extends beyond attracting young enthusiasts; it encompasses creating an environment where families can thrive.  


We envision a place where adults can come to the Club to enjoy their chosen sports, knowing that their children are not only supervised but are also safe and engaged in enriching activities.  


Creating Safe Spaces for Families


To bring this vision to life, we are embarking on an exciting journey to transform our existing coffee shop into a space that is not only professionally supervised but also designed for children to play and savour their surroundings.  


This new area will serve as a hub of excitement, where young ones can explore, learn and grow, while parents can enjoy their time at the Club with complete peace of mind.  


We remain dedicated to building a brighter future for our Community and for generations to come.  


At the heart of the community for over 50 years. 


For nearly five decades, Bryanston Sports Club has been dedicated to meeting the sporting and entertainment needs of our Members and visitors.  


As we look back on our journey since 1972, we are proud of our growth from humble beginnings with a couple of tennis courts and a small Clubhouse to becoming a fully-fledged Membership driven Club with a wide range of amenities.  


Our Facilities Include: 


Eight State of the Art LED flood-lit Tennis Courts.


Four Squash Courts.


Two Internationally Approved Bowling Greens which are regarded as two of the best greens in the country with only a 12mm variance across the greens. 


A picturesque informal bar featuring five large high-definition TVs and a separate gaming area. 


Newly renovated and Upscaled Sun Lounge. 


Fully equipped Clubhouse complete with a bar, spacious patio, modern ablution facilities, kitchen and a versatile multi-purpose room for hosting Events.  


Adjacent to the club precinct, you will find the Bryanston Library, offering a separate building for all your literary needs.  


Safety is paramount to us; the Club offers 24-hour security and ample parking for both Club and Library visitors.  


Beyond our own enjoyment, Bryanston Sports Club has played a vital role in the Northern Johannesburg Community.  


We have contributed to the development of sporting facilities for local schools and provided tennis lessons, shoes and racquets to school children.  


Our Commitment to nurturing talent and giving back to the Community remains unwavering.  


Currently, our Club boasts over 550 members across bowls, tennis, squash and social categories. Our Sporting Sections actively participate in Leagues and have achieved remarkable success over the years. 


Notably, in 2019, one of our barmen made history as the first black Bowler to represent South Africa, returning from the Glasgow Commonwealth Games with a Gold Medal in the Men's Trips.  


His Commonwealth Games winning Playing Shirt, a cherished Memento, was graciously sponsored by Prince and is Proudly displayed at the Club.  


Our Staff member honed his skills at Bryanston Sports Club and continues to excel in bowls while serving as an active employee of the Club.  


Another remarkable Achievement comes from one of our Bowls Green Keepers, who was selected to represent the Proteas Bowling team in Australia in August 2023, where he delivered, under difficult circumstances, an Outstanding Performance, of which we all can be proud of.  


Community is at the heart of our Club and we are home to various Groups and Organisations that utilise our facilities, including Vuma, Toastmasters, Rotary, Hiking Club,Fishing Club, Community Yoga classes, Community Bridge Club, Exercise Classes, The Probus Groups, The Wine Club, BNI - Business Networking International, various Old Boys Societies, The Bee-Keepers Society, and Community Academic extra classes.  


At Bryanston Sports Club, we believe in balancing sports with entertainment, wherein all are welcome to join us every Friday and selective Sundays for live music performances that add to the vibrant atmosphere. 


Our Potjie Day, hosted every year in June and our Annual Traditional Oktoberfest are renowned for bringing our Community together.  


However, the pinnacle of our year is our Annual Charity Christmas Party!  


This is where we extend our warmth to local children in Foster and Residential Care as well as to our Members' kids.  


The children get to meet Father Christmas, receive gifts and indulge in delicious ice creams and sweet treats, all within the safety of our Kiddies Area. 


If you are looking to join a Club where Sports, Community and Fun unite, in creating lasting memories, then Bryanston Sports Club is for YOU!.

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