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Roll up, play bowls and have fun in the sun!

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Spend your year-end and team-building functions outdoors playing bowls at Bryanston Sports Club.

After the dreadful lock-down, now is a great time to treat your staff to a year-end team building event at the Bowls Club of BSC.

Why bowls?

There’s no greater way to motivate your staff, and build and improve staff morale. Bowls is an ideal sport for building team spirit; it’s fun, it's competitive, but no past experience is needed to have an awesome time on the green! It also provides opportunities for aspiring leaders to demonstrate their leadership skills. What's more, by playing bowls, you'll be outdoors - the safest way to hold corporate events while still observing level-one Covid-19 regulations.

How it works

After a brief introduction, play begins with facilitators guiding participants. Matches are usually between 60 to 90 minutes. The club supplies all the necessary equipment.

For more information or bookings contact Vanessa: (011) 706-2107, We’ll send you helpful information on getting the best out of your team-building investment, various catering options and Bryanston Sports Club's conference facilities.

See you on the green!

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