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Rescheduled bowls fun day a success

The Bowls Section of the Bryanston Sports Club originally planned a bowls trips event for the last Saturday Tabs of 2020 to celebrate the end of a tough year. Unfortunately, due to the sudden re-introduction of the Covid-19 lockdown regulations announced in December, the trips competition had to be cancelled at short notice.

Later in January when Covid-19 regulations were relaxed, the committee immediately came up with a revised format that would enable the fun day to be reinstated on Saturday, 16 January. The original trips format was revised to pairs with each bowler playing three bowls.

The revised fun tabs afternoon was well supported by the maximum number of participants that could be accommodated; forty-eight bowlers. To ensure Covid-19 protocols were observed, instead of serving tea in the lounge during the break, tea and eats were enjoyed outdoors, on the surrounds of the greens.

Though delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions, the bowls trips event was a great success!

Prizes were sponsored by The Fisherman’s Kitchen, Pizza Mezza and Bryanston Sports Club members. Bonny Jephson and Alan Cook won the competition. The runners-up were Sandra Watkins and Jorge Ruiz-Mesa of Leeuwkop Bowls Club. Additional prizes were awarded for session winners. Due to Covid-19 limitations on gatherings, there was no prize-giving after the tab. Notwithstanding the restrictions, participants agreed they had enjoyed the rescheduled fun day.

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