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Prince aims for international bowls excellence

Bryanston Sports Club's bowls champion has been selected to represent South Africa on the international sporting stage.

Prince Neulonde was on his way to compete at the World Bowls Tournament, to be held in Australia in May. Unfortunately, like all sporting events worldwide, the tournament has been postponed due to the pandemic. But, as reported by the Sandton Chronicle, BSC's beloved bowls champ and barman isn't too disappointed.

"I'm not upset the tournament was postponed, as you never know what might happen with the coronavirus."

Until travel and sports bans are lifted, Prince has his recent victories to keep him positive: earlier this year, he earned a podium finish at the Five Nations in Australia, was a finalist in the Johannesburg Bowls Association men's singles championships and won bronze medals at the SA Masters and inter-provincials.

"Prince has done the club exceptionally proud after performing exceptionally well in the last few months," says Ian McKenzie, bowls section chairperson. He shares that Prince is just as respected for his ability to stay grounded despite his vast success as he is for his sporting skills.

"Prince has traveled the world and nothing is too big for him, but he is still a humble person. He has impressed us all with his recent international success,"

Prince has represented South Africa and won gold medals at the Commonwealth Games and Atlantic Rim Championships.

For the full story, see the most-recent edition of the Sandton Chronicle.

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