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‘Newbies’ Fun Day

Twenty-two new Bryanston Sports Club Bowls members, who joined during the last year, participated in a bowls morning on Youth Day, Thursday, 16th June. The ‘Newbies,’ as they are known, were officially welcomed by the Bowls Section, President, Sipho Velempini.

Other club members joined the new bowlers to play a short fast moving and enjoyable game of bowls. After bowls, participants enjoyed drinks, pizzas, and comradery at the club house. The main club sponsored the delightful pizzas, baked in the club’s pizza oven. The successful event was enjoyed by all.

Dave Arnison, the committee member tasked with introducing new bowlers to the club stated: “Bryanston Sports Club is immensely proud of the spontaneous manner in which the new bowlers have joined in the club activities. The club’s achievement of attracting so many new members, in these tough economic times can be attributed to the club’s recent successes and the sterling work done by the club’s coaches who avail themselves every Saturday to train and welcome new bowlers” Over and above the 22 new bowlers, the club attracted 20 additional members during the last twelve months.

Newbie members celebrate Youth Day

Sipho Velempini delivering the first bowl

Sipho chatting and welcoming the new members

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