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Hitting the road

Introducing the latest section to our Club: Bryanston Sports Club Road Runners!

The Road Running section forms part of Social, until August when it will register with the Gauteng Athletics Association.

Ed Battes and Mufaro Muzvondiwa co-ordinate the group of new, intermediate and experienced runners, who meet in the parking lot (near the Squash section) every Saturday morning. From there, they head off on 5km, 10km and sometimes longer runs, depending on requests.

"There is already a core group of runners and we are confident of growing," Ed shares. "Members of BSC are welcome to join us – we accommodate runners of every strength, from serious to social, as well as all ages."

For more info, contact Ed Battes: 063 071 7010.

Catch me if you can!

No sooner had we started our Road Running section, than we were approached by members of a group of ladies who run under the name Catch Me If You Can, and would like to use BSC as a base for their runs.

Michelle Kahn says their runs are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and on weekends (at different times, depending on peoples' availability).

For more details,contact Michelle at: 082 963 8264.

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