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Bryanston Sports Club’s roses pruned

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Bryanston Sports Club receives many compliments from our members and visitors for the beautiful roses around our greens. To ensure the roses are at their best, they need to be pruned each year in July. The pruning was originally planned for Wednesday 15 July, but postponed due to the freezing weather. The pruning happened on Monday, 20 July, a beautiful winter’s day; the temperature was 22 degrees.

Armed with gloves and secateurs, 12 volunteers arrived to perform the duty. Of course, all respected the Covid-19 protocols, wearing masks and socially distancing from one another! It’s all about giving back to the community and building team spirit.

It was the biggest group of volunteers for pruning our roses in the club’s history. They completed the task of pruning approximately 80 roses in under two hours - a case of “many hands, light work.” A big thank you is due to the following volunteers: Anthea Robinson, Barbara Mazaris, Brian Boyce, Brian Osborne, Cathy Dryburgh, Chris Andrew, Claire Roebert, Colleen Cheyne, Eric Cowling, Margie Liebenberg and Richard Newby. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to be in the company of friends after their long isolation.

We can expect to see the roses in full bloom again in mid-October.

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