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BSC wins JBA bowls pairs tournament

On Sunday, 18 April, Prince Neluonde and Victor Siphali of Bryanston Sports Club had an outstanding win in the Johannesburg Bowls Association men’s pairs tournament. They convincingly beat seasoned top bowlers Louis Klopper and Lance Sayce of the Belgravia Bowls Club.

“We’re extremely proud of our members' performance this season,” commented Tony Mazaris, president of the BSC Bowls section. “Victor and Prince had an exceptional win on Sunday. Gerry Baker, Prince and Victor won the JBA men’s trips with Victor finishing runner-up in the JBA men’s singles. He narrowly lost the singles final to Protea bowler Jason Evans.”

The BSC's Victor Siphali (right) and Prince Neluonde are congratulated by Johannesburg Bowls Association President Rob Zimmerman after an impressive showing at the JBA men's pairs tournament.

Bryanston Sports Club has a proud record of its lady and men members' participation in national, provincial and district sides.

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