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BSC hosted the Bill Henery Bowls Tournament

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Bryanston Sports Club is thrilled to congratulate the winners of this year's highly contested Bill Henery Bowls Competition, held at the BSC on Saturday and Sunday, 17 and 18 October: Anthea Robinson, Sipho Velempini, and Barbara Mazaris.

The three BSC bowlers were presented with the Bill Henery Trophy and their names will soon be recorded on the Bill Henery honours board in the Bill Henery Sun Lounge - a first for all three winners.

BSC's winners of 2020's Bill Henery Trophy. From left: Anthea Robinson, Sipho Velempini, and Barbara Mazaris.

The internal bowls competition has been held every year since 1982. In past years, the "mixed" tournament was originally played as "Fours." This year, as it was last year, the format was "Trips".

The tournament is named after the late Bill Henery, who raised funds from members and suppliers for the construction of the bowler’s Sun Lounge in 1979. Skips draw numbers and pick their team members.

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